There's still an empty space in the Village Commons Shopping Center off of the Lloyd Expressway on Evansville's east side.  Months ago, Gander Mountain closed many of their locations including their location here in Evansville.  Since then, there has been no official word as to what will be moving into the huge building left vacant in the Village Commons Shopping Center.  However, the rumors do seem to be pointing to one thing very strongly.


A post made by local Facebook group Evansville411 posted a picture this weekend showing some of the progress that has been made to the building, and asked their audience if they had any idea what would be moving into the former Gander Mountain.  So, while this is completely UNCOMFIRMED, one answer was coming up REPEATEDLY!


The rumor mill seems to be suggesting that the business that will be occupying the space in Village Commons Shopping Center will be...  A furniture store.  I'm sorry, I admit that's a little underwhelming, and it's also not necessarily a fact at this time, but that's what our best guess is.


If we get any further details on this story, we will of course let you know...  And also, what kind of business would YOU LIKE to see move into the building formerly occupied by Gander Mountain in the Village Commons Shopping Center here in Evansville?

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