What is Indiana's most popular recipe?  The answer may surprise you!


According to research done by Thrillest.com, who compiled searches on Google and fine-tuned their data by state, they have the answer to what the most popular recipe is in each state!  You might think here in the Hoosier state we'd be searching for recipes in line with some of the food for best known for.  Maybe brain sandwiches?  Deep-fried what-have-you?  No and no.


Believe it or not, Hoosiers are reportedly most commonly searching the internet for recipes for TACOS!  That's right, tacos.  Don't ask me why.  I'm far from a culinary expert, but even I know how to throw together some freakin' TACOS!  I suppose there might be some nontraditional taco recipes out there, and I do love me some tacos, don't get me wrong...  I was just flabbergasted to learn that here in Indiana, the most popular recipe is for TACOS!

Taco Platter
(Nikolay Trubnikov / Thinkstock)

Other Tri-State areas include recipes for SPAGHETTI in Kentucky (um, what?), and cookie recipes in Illinois (that makes a bit more sense to me).  The MOST popular recipe wound up being for banana bread as it was the most commonly searched recipe in New Mexico, Nevada, and Kansas.

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