When I first saw that a new gas station and convenience store is opening in Newburgh, I just sort of skimmed over the news but then I saw that it will include a place called Taco Tiendra and I was intrigued. When I learned that it was going to taste a lot like home, I got excited!

Andrews Fastbreak

Fastbreak is an area gas station and convenience store franchise that is owned, at least in this area, by the Andrews family from Mount Carmel, Illinois. How do I know? Because I went to high school with members of the family. They have locations in Mount Carmel, as well as Vincennes, Princeton, and Fort Branch in Indiana.

A New Location in Newburgh

Fastbreak has been under construction in Newburgh and not only will they be offering the usual fuel and convenience store options but they also are home to Taco Tienda - which I am personally very excited about.

Cathy Smith via Facebook

What Is Taco Tienda

Taco Tienda is exactly how it translates - a taco store. But this isn't just any taco store. On the menu, you'll find far more than just tacos including, nachos, burritos, and more like sanchos and nacho papas.

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Taco By Another Name

If words like sancho and nacho papas ring a bell, its because those menu items were served at the Taco Tierra that used to sit on Green River Road here in Evansville, but for someone like me, it goes well beyond just the formerly pink building on Green River.

New Name Old Favorites

Not only does the Taco Tienda menu look a whole lot like the Taco Tierra menu, but reportedly, the menu utilizes the same recipes.

Cathy Smith via Facebook

40+ Year Old Recipes

Taco Tienda reportedly uses the same recipes that Walt Blake, the founder of Taco Tierra implements at his restaurants, including the original location in Mount Carmel that has been open since the late 1970s.

Exciting News for My Belly - And Yours!

As someone who grew up in Mount Carmel, I was pretty much raised on Taco Tierra, and like most of us who no longer live there, it is the first stop when you visit back home. Having a surrogate just down the road in Newburgh is exciting news for my tastebuds and my belly!

attachment-taco tierra
Kat Mykals, TSM

Personal Menu Recommendations

If the recipes really are the same as the ones used at Taco Tierra, I have a few personal favorites you should try. First, the basics - try a sancho supreme. It includes your choice of beef or chicken with lettuce, tomato, black olives, onions, sour cream, and sauce. Likewise the beef & bean burrito supreme is also a good choice and includes everything mentioned previously with the addition of beans. I also love, and I mean LOVE, the nacho supreme and chicken Che-z (pictured above). Pro Tip: Order them together and then dip the chicken che-z into the sour cream and nacho cheese on your nacho supreme.

Where to Find Taco Tienda

The new Andrews Fastbreak Convenience Store and Taco Tienda are located at  4055 Grimm Road in Newburgh, Indiana. It was recently announced that both Fastbreak and Taco Tienda would be hosting their grand opening on July 7th. However, it seems that the opening date has been pushed back due to what Evansville 411 is calling "technical difficulties."

At this time, a new grand opening date has not been announced but we will update here when we find out when we can go smash some tacos!


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