Emojis have become insanely popular.  It almost seems like they're more common than some of our lesser-used English letters.  Honestly, I probably use an emoji more times than I use the letter 'Z.'  Unless I'm talking about pizza...  But then I'm actually probably just using the pizza emoji.  Heck, there's even a whole MOVIE FRANCHISE based solely upon their crazy popularity!  ANYWAY, the website decluttr has compiled Google data about the emoji use in each state, and the results MAY surprise you!


According to the research, we Hoosiers tend to use, of all things, the ICE CREAM CONE emoji more than any other.  The same can be said for our neighbors to the south in Kentucky.  Fellow Tri-Stater Illinois is a bit different, they like the "100" emoji.  I was surprised because I took a guess before I read the article, and I assumed that the "laughing to tears" emoji would have won, and it did for several states, just not Indiana.  Alabama, Ohio, West Virginia, and North Carolina seem to be the ones laughing to the point of tears.  Also worth mentioning is that Arizona, New Jersey, Wisconsin, and North Dakota are using the poop emoji the most.


Besides Indiana and Kentucky, NO OTHER STATE is using the ice cream cone as much as us.  Finally, I don't know what this says about Idaho, Missouri, and Virginia, but they're using the EGGPLANT emoji the most.  I guess they just really like texting about...  eggplants!

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