Last night, the King of Song Parodies himself Weird Al Yankovic held a concert at the Victory Theater in Downtown Evansville!

I've been listening to Weird Al since I was in fourth grade but have never seen him live in concert, so when I found out he was coming to Evansville, I quickly scooped up a ticket for me and my girlfriend.  All week long, everyone I knew who had ever seen Al perform live kept telling me how amazing his live shows are.  And boy, are they right.


Weird Al's shows are the furthest thing from lazy.  They feature unique outfits and set-pieces for each song, usually to match the recognizable music video to accompany the song being performed.  The video is usually played on the giant screen behind Al and his band in concert with what is happening on the stage.


Between songs while the set/outfits are being changed, there are video packages being played to satisfy the crowd and keep them laughing.  They usually feature Yankovic's appearances throughout pop culture, like movies, television, and web shorts.  They never make you wait more than five minutes or so between live performances.


Audibly, the music sounds great, but that's actually only a small portion of the appeal of Al's shows.  There's much less dancing/moshing/headbanging than at a traditional concert.  It's just as much a comedy show as it is a concert, if not more so.  If you leave Yankovic's two-hour show exhausted, it would likely be more from laughter than it would be from dancing.

Photo: Brittany Dart
Photo: Brittany Dart

Highlights from the show include his massive hits "Eat it," "Amish Paradise," "Word Crimes," and my personal favorite, "Fat" (pictured).  Many people in the crowd knew all of the goofy, inane, satirical lyrics to all of the songs, but even if you've never heard of Weird Al before, you left the show in hysterics and very satisfied!


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