"Weird Al" Yankovic performed 'Tacky' on 'Conan' last night, making it his first national televised performance since the release of his new album, 'Mandatory Fun,' on Tuesday. 'Tacky' was the first video off the album released on Monday and is Weird Al's spin on Pharrell's mega-hit 'Happy.'

On 'Conan' last night, Weird Al began singing 'Tacky' while sitting in a makeup chair backstage. He wore the same color-clashing outfit as seen in the 'Tacky' music video, and like the video, the camera then begins filming him doing exaggerated dances as he makes his way around the theater. In some shots, we see Conan O'Brien's backstage crew going about their business as he continues dancing through various locations.

Starting with the shot in the makeup chair, the camera never cuts away, and follows him throughout the song until he makes his way on stage with the rest of his band. The shot went without a flaw, which is an impressive feat considering how much planning would be needed to make sure everything goes smoothly.

Check out Weird Al's impressive performance by clicking on the video above.

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