"Weird Al" Yankovic continues his "eight videos in eight days" promise with his latest parody, 'Foil.' The song borrows inspiration from Lorde's breakout hit, 'Royals,' and is featured on his new album titled 'Mandatory Fun.'

In the video debuted by CollegeHumor, Weird Al sings to the instrumentals of 'Royals' about the frustrations about trying to keep leftovers after a meal.

"I never seem finish all my food," he begins to the tune of the familiar snaps. "I always get a doggie bag, from the waiter / So I just keep what's unchewed / And I take it home / Save it for later / But then I deal with fungal rot, bacterial formation / Microbes, enzymes, mould and oxidation / I don't care, I've got a secret trick up my sleeve."

His secret? Weird Al then gets into the 'Royals' chorus: "With aluminum foil (foil) / Never settle for less / That kind of wrap is just the best / To keep your sandwich nice and fresh."

In an interview with Diffuser.fm, Weird Al revealed that although Lorde signed off on allowing him to parody on the song, he has not talked with her directly about it yet. "I've not talked to her directly [but] I was told she was fine with it, and she gave it her blessing. She signed off on it, so I sure hope she likes it."

If Lorde is a foodie like a lot of us, then she will no doubt find his take pretty hilarious. Click on the video above to check out 'Foil.'

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