I think round 1 goes to the hiccups...

Here's a video that's been going viral.  KHOU Weatherman David Paul had a rough day at the office a few days ago when he was battling a severe case of the hiccups while giving his weather report.  The result leaves him looking a bit foolish.


If I could offer some input and maybe even some constructive criticism for a fellow broadcaster, I think David Paul made a few mistakes here.  There wasn't anything he could have done to control the onset of the hiccups...  But his behavior didn't make the situation any better.  Obviously, these hiccups are distracting, but don't apologize after EVERY hiccup.  Acknowledge it once at the beginning of the report, and once at the end MAYBE, but I think he drew too much attention to it.  I would also go ahead and bet that this is this man's most entertaining weather report of all time.


Check out the awkwardness here:


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