One of the better TV shows of the last 10 years has been Scrubs. A show that launched the careers of both Zach Braff and Donald Faison, two young and funny actors who not only played best friends on the show, but became good friends in real-life. Even though the show ended its run back in 2010, Braff and Faison evidently still find time to hang out and have a little fun based on their light-hearted take on the holiday classic, Baby It's Cold Outside.

Set against the backdrop of a clearly not cold Los Angeles, Braff and Faison look like a throwback to the old Frank Sinatra / Rat Pack days wearing 3-piece suits with sunglasses and Braff sipping on what appears to be scotch or bourbon.

Since I don't have the lyrics of the song committed to memory, I thought this was a legit cover until Braff utters the line, "can I borrow your afro-comb". You'll probably need to watch it a couple of times to catch all the subtle jokes.


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