Yesterday was a day unlike anything I've ever experienced before.  The whole city of Evansville was focused on one thing and one thing only...  The arrival of United States President Donald Trump!  Obviously I'm aware this is a HUGE deal and a historic moment for our city, but no matter where you were or what you were doing, this event was inescapable.  It was EVERYWHERE.  Even if you didn't leave your home yesterday, there's a great chance you were still bombarded with Trump stuff via social media.  And if you did leave the house, you were treated to road closures, Make America Great Again paraphernalia, protest signs, people pulled over sitting on their cars, and just a general electricity and excitement in the air.


I went out to the Evansville Regional Airport yesterday about a half hour before President Trump was scheduled to land.  I was amazed to see so many people camped out along Highway 57...  People sitting on grass patched; People sitting on their cars... All of them just staring into the sky trying to a glimpse of Air Force One!


As I pulled into Evansville Regional Airport, there were many people gathered along the chain-link fence along the runway.  I figured you really can't get that much closer than along the runway, so I grabbed my phone a made a Facebook Live video of the historic moment Air Force One carrying President Donald Trump landed in Evansville!



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