One of my new favorite songs that we're playing is "Dedication to My Ex (Miss That)" from Lloyd. It's mix of old school Motown and modern day R&B flavors make for an uptempo song that more than anything else is just fun. The official video for the song keeps with that fun theme and even includes a couple of surprises.

As you'll see below, the video appears to be set in a 1950's era neighborhood with Lloyd and his band set up in a garage jamming for anyone who is interested in listening. The band themselves are even dressed in clothing from the era with Lloyd rocking a suit and bow tie while the other members of the group adorn themselves in letter and leather jackets. One guitar player even goes as far to have his hair slicked back much like The Fonz from Happy Days.

The song itself features appearances from Andre 3000 of Outkast and Lil' Wayne although neither of them make an appearance in the video. My guess is that scheduling conflicts prevented this or perhaps "appearance fees" for each artist were more than the record company was willing to pay. Instead, we get Wayne Brady lip syncing Wayne's opening piece and a cat breaking down Andre 3000's rap midway through the song. Apparently a cat will work for Tender Vittles and maybe Wayne Brady does too.

Check it out for yourself. But be warned, that it will be stuck in your head for the remainder of the day.

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