Carly Rae Jepsen may be hard at work recording for her forthcoming disco-inspired album in buses, showers and outdoor parks, but she and PC Music producer Danny L Harle have dropped a video for the sparkling "Super Natural" to tide us over today (August 19).

The Bradley & Pablo-directed video finds Carly house-hunting, with Harle as her dapper real estate agent. He takes her to a sleek house full of juicing enthusiasts where both of them evidently find their tribe; rosé chugging and house partying by the pool ensues.

Featuring Jepsen's saccharine vocals layered over a whirling electro-laden sound bed, the song is pure dance floor bliss, punctuated by the blippy, early '00s beats and sugar-pop synths that have become synonymous with Harle's futuristic production.

"Super Natural" was originally previewed during a DJ set back on May 19 during PC Music's Pop Cosmos event in London. In this fan-filmed clip below, you can hear the pop star's glistening vocals as they envelope the club: "You gotta believe in me... / It's just like we don't try / We just fit, you and I / It's super natural."

Back in March, the British producer posted a photo of the two hanging outside of a Nashville studio, where "Super Natural" was likely recorded.

So, what do you think of the tune? Is this the direction you'd like to hear Jepsen take on her next record? Sound off in the comments below!

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