UPDATE (10/16): "Trust Nobody" has an official music video which, sadly, does not feature Selena Gomez. Watch above.

Selena Gomez is back — kind of.

Exactly one month ago, the Revival pop princess announced that she'd be taking time off to deal with ongoing depression, panic attack and anxiety issues, brought on by her lupus diagnosis.

With the help of her passionate and exponentially growing fanbase, which recently pushed her past the record-breaking 100 million mark on Instagram, and her collaborators, however, her presence in pop culture remains as strongly felt — even if she herself isn't around right now.

"Trust Nobody" is a collaboration with steadily rising Norwegian producer Cashmere Cat and Tory Lanez, released today (Sept. 30). Cashmere's had a hand in producing for the likes of Ariana Grande, Tinashe and Britney Spears — it only makes sense, then, that he'd eventually set his sights on the "Hands to Myself" coo-er.

The shadowy, tropical-tinged track, released as the second single from Cashmere Cat's upcoming LP Wild Love, fits in seamlessly with the sound du jour at radio, as Selena breathily seduces and moans across shuffling beats.

"Lying down know I'm in the back / Tinted windows sittin' in the back seat / You know I'm a freak right?," she purrs on the slick ode to trustin' nobody and talkin' body, as Lanez comes in later and proves he wouldn't keep his hands to himself on his verse: "Are you down? 'Cause I'm down, when shit get lit / And you got a body like Selena in them jeans."

The song's great. More importantly, here's hoping Selena's out somewhere feeling great, too.

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