[UPDATE: The video has been pulled from YouTube.]

When Lana Del Rey first released the title track for her 2015 album Honeymoon, fans assumed a music video would follow shortly after. But despite the buildup (and a teaser clip), nothing ever came of the song's visual component, and Lana quietly moved on to other singles. Fans, meanwhile, never forgot about the “Honeymoon” video — and were rewarded nearly a full year later when a leaked version made its way online last week.

The video falls in line with Lana's often lo-fi aesthetic: Grainier than your parents' home movies, it features close-ups of Lana's face as she applies (and reapplies) makeup on loop, occasionally lip-synching to her own song. This footage is interspersed with clips of a tiger, a cop car, a pool.

Lana did eventually admit she'd scrapped the release of the video altogether “because nothing really happened in it.” And she's not wrong -- but like most things Lana, it's oddly hypnotic to watch her sweep translucent powder across her face several times.

As for a Honeymoon followup, there's no concrete word as to when Lana will release new music, but she's been spotted in the studio with co-writer Justin Parker, who she last worked with on her 2012 Paradise EP.

"My label, Interscope, is pretty flexible and open to my records coming out at any time, so I don’t have that pressure," she told NME in December 2015. "I’m just happy to be able to keep on making music I can stand behind. That’s enough for me."

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