For the 9th year, Vanderburgh Homeless Connect will be offering resources to those in need and this year's event takes place Thursday, March 16th.



This one day, free event at the Old National Events Plaza will take place from 9am - 2pm on Thursday, March 16th. In the Evansville area, there are so many of us that are living paycheck to paycheck and are only one illness, accident or unexpected expense away from not being able to make our house payment or rent. The reality for a lot of us is that we are just hanging on by the skin of our teeth. Vanderburgh Homeless Connect aims to make sure that you can keep hanging on. The event features booths featuring a number of industries and services to help you get on and stay on your feet.

Some of the services & resources offered include:

  • Legal Advice
  • Credit Checks
  • Job-Finding help
  • Tax preparation
  • Parent resources
  • Health screenings
  • Education services
  • Financial assistance
  • Foreclosure mitigation
  • Public assistance applications
  • Utility bill consultation
  • Recovery groups

There will be a new area this year within the event that will cater to veterans' services as well. Also you'll be able to get a haircut and lunch too.

If you need additional information please cal 2-1-1 or visit

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