Tyler, The Creator's fans are still digesting his new Flower Boy album and some of the messages that it portrays, but the biggest topic of discussion is based around his sexuality. Following some eye-opening lyrics on the project, the Odd Future co-founder is stirring the pot once more in a new interview, where he says he had a boyfriend when he was 15.

Tracks on Flower Boy such as "I Ain't Got Time" and "Garden Shed" have had fans questioning Tyler's sexuality, but during his recent interview with Koopz Tunes, he reveals he had a boyfriend in his teen years. He also says that his "open-minded" attitude is nothing new for him.

"Open-minded now? I had a boyfriend when I was 15 in fucking Hawthorne, nigga," Tyler explains. "If that's not open-minded, then I don't know what the fuck that is."

Soon after the tidbit started picking up attention online, Tyler tweeted about how it was simply a figure of speech and that he was actually "single at 15."

Also in the interview, Tyler breaks down some of Koopz's favorite songs on Flower Boy, including "Glitter," while also going through tracks from other artists. The California native praises Pharrell's verse on French Montana's "Bring Dem Things," sharing his shock over the super-producer wanting to buy a second Ferrari out of boredom.

"Solid Pharrell verse," Tyler says. "Solid nine. I love that song. 'Think about the LaFerrari Coupe/1.8 the option is the roof.' He already has a LaFerrari. It started at 1.8, that car goes for $4 million now. Based on the amount of money he has, he's thinking about getting a second one now. It starts at 1.8 again, just because it doesn't have a fucking roof. He is a weird black man who is talking about buying vehicles out of boredom."

Listen to the full hour-and-a-half-long segment with Tyler, The Creator below to hear more.

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