Will the Owensboro statue stay put?

Dave Spencer
Dave Spencer

Everyone is talking about statues these days. Whether it be the protests (and violence) in Charlottesville, to more localized confederate statue controversy, this time, in Owensboro. Outside the Owensboro Courthouse, the above pictured statue stands. There are many who are petitioning for the removal of said statue.

A petition, stated by Jesse Bean, has begun circulating online and is garnering some steam, It currently sits at over 1,200 signatures and has a goal of 1,500. No matter how you feel on the issue, these statues are causing quite the controversy these days.

If you would like to sign the petition, you can do so by clicking here. However, no matter what happens, I can not recommend taking things into your own hands. Vandalism completely defeats the purpose of the peaceful removal of these statues (if that does indeed happen). Also, nobody looks cool punching a statue. Just keep that in mind.

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