It's time once again to dive into Facebook selling groups!


It's been a hot minute since I've searched through Facebook selling groups for some of the weirdest stuff you can find. But one thing jumped out at me last night that me go "Oh, yeah, I used to make fun of this kind of stuff." So let's get to it!

Weird: Tattoo Kit

Selling a tattoo kit isn't particularly weird. However, whenever I see someone selling something like this on Facebook, I always think "Uh oh, someone is gonna buy this and start their terrible garage tattoo career." Then again, maybe a respectable tattoo artist just wants to get a good deal. Regardless, if any of your friends start talking about a great deal they got on a tattoo machine and ask you to practice on, the only thing your gonna get is hepatitis.

Weird: Captain Morgan Statue

Want a little Captain in you? If so, this is the seller for you. However, replace "Little Captain in you" with "Giant-ass pirate statue in your yard" and you're on the right track. It's a pretty good statue, but I don't think your neighbors are gonna like you advertising for rum on your front lawn. Also, $800 is a lot to ask for what basically boils down to free advertising for Captain Morgan.

Worst: Confederate Flag Wood Art

The Confederate Flag has always caused controversy. Selling replicas or art work has always been risky business. You know when it's super risky? The week following a national tragedy where that flag was on display. Like, c'mon, take the temperature of the room and ask "Is this a good idea?" The sad thing is that the individual who makes these also sells American flag versions. Why not maybe show that one instead of this? I do appreciate that a selling post managed to get the Angry reaction on Facebook though. At least this post peaked though, unlike the South during the Civil War.