Just as the Tri-State finally thaws out, and the only snow that remains is what has been piled up in parking lots by snow plows, forecasters are looking at the potential for another winter weather event to hit the area late next week.

The Facebook page, Metro Weather Watch, whose bio lists them as "The Evansville Metro Areas #1 and most trusted independent local social media weather source" shared four radar graphics Wednesday evening in a post stating they were keeping an eye on a weather trend that could be similar to what we received a couple of weeks ago that ultimately gave most school students in the Tri-State and unplanned week off.

It's important to note that nothing is definite. As the page administrators note in the post above, the different models they run each show something different, and "will waver back and forth for several days and each run will not look the same."

I'm obviously no meteorologist, but as we all know, weather is wildly unpredictable, and while the meteorologists in the Tri-State do a great job tracking it, anything could happen in moments notice that throw the whole thing completely out of whack. As possible as it is that we could see a mix of snow and ice, or just snow, at this point in time, it's equally possible we get a big ol', fat, nothing burger.

At this point, we'll just have to wait and see, but it doesn't hurt to keep the possibility in the back of your head so you can prepare accordingly if necessary.

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