Netflix has an enormous variety of binge-worthy shows that you can lose yourself in, and are constantly added new (and old) shows to its line-up. So I posed the question on our FB page, "If you could bring back one show from the past to binge watch, what would it be?"

The responses came pouring in calling for the return of some TV shows that I used to love watching back in the day, but had complete forgotten about like "Three's Company" and "Knight Rider" just to name a couple. But after scrolling through all of your answers, I've compiled a list of the Top 5 TV Show you want to come to Netflix.

5. Roc - This was a show starring Charles S. Dutton as a Garbage Man named "Roc" who lived with his nurse wife, his retired father, and his chronically unemployed Brother who always has a "get rich quick" scheme brewing. Very funny show with some deep moral lessons. Roc was considered to be one of my TV role models.

4. Game of Thrones - Although GoT was an HBO series, Netflix could generate some serious stream if somehow they got the rights to the "Throne".

3. Scrubs - This show followed the antics of medicals students J.D., Turk, and their colleagues as the learn the ropes at Sacred Heart Hospital. All 9 seasons were on Netflix back in 2016 for a while but a lot of people would love to see the show come back.

2. Friends - One of the most high-acclaimed show on NBC that lasted for 10 years about three young men and three young women that live in the same apartment building dealing with life in the Big Apple. They're not above sticking their noses into one another's business and swapping romantic partners, which always leads to the kind of hilarity average people will never experience -- especially during breakups. A Friends reunion is actually in the works.

And the #1 show that people would love to binge watch on Netflix is...

1. Six Feet Under - Another HBO series with a cult-like following laced with irony and dark situational humor. the show approaches the subject of death through the eyes of the Fisher family, who owns and operates a funeral home in Los Angeles. Peter Krause stars as Nate, who reluctantly becomes a partner in the funeral home after his father's death.

Honorable Mention goes to the 1980's show "V" that I was a big fan of when I was a kid. This show was about aliens that came to Earth calling themselves the Visitors that  seem to be friendly at first , but their congeniality may be a cover for a malevolent agenda.  The ABC series was re-launched in 2009 as a remake of the 1980s miniseries by the same name and ran for two seasons.

If there are any show YOU would like to see come to Netflix, leave your answers in the comment box.

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