The 91st annual West Side Nut Club Fall Festival well underway, and I think nearly everyone can agree it's a great and well run festival. But, it never fails that somewhere down the line, you'll run into a less-than-desirable festival. Here are 10 ways to tell you've found one.

10. The bumper cars only have one car and its steering wheel is stuck to the left.

9. The Ferris Wheel attendant stops the ride for a 15-minute smoke break.

8. Creepo the Clown keeps asking if you want to see his "balloon snake".

Creepy Clown
"Hey kids, want to check out my sweet van?" (flickr, phatman)

7. The Grand Marshall of the parade is Snooki.

6. The balloons at the dart throwing game are filled with cocaine.

5. The talent show includes a "Best Mullet" category.

4. The festival queen is a sheep.

flickr, Svadilfari

3. Best selling food item is meth on a stick.

2. Number 2 not available, writer too busy enjoying meth on a stick.

1. Corn dogs are made from actual dogs.

Dog - Hot Dog Costume
flickr, istolethetv

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