Crazy Questions Tristate Kids Have Asked Are Hilarious
Sometimes kids say and ask the craziest things. I realize they are trying to get a feel and understanding about the world around them. But, WOW. Some of the questions are so funny and some are so embarrassing, you don't know how to answer do you just laugh. These questions are too funny.
9 Awesome Pokestops in Evansville!
PokeMania has been sweeping across the Tri-State!  Even if you're not playing Pokemon Go, the smartphone app featuring characters from the classic Nintendo franchise, you've surely seen hordes of kids and grown-ups alike wondering the streets with their face buried firmly in their phones.  They're c…
The Most Epic Graduation Fail [WATCH]
It's Graduation time again! All of the hard work is pretty much done. Now, all you have to do is walk up on that stage to finally get your diploma! But one grad student wanted to create a much more memorable moment. And that he did...

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