Fans of cold-cooked meats and finely crafted cheese boards, this one’s for you.

Cultered is an urban cheese shop located in Louisville, Kentucky that thrives on a beautiful atmosphere and warm hospitality. Featuring a wide array of options including specially designed charcuterie boards and platters for large events, they pride themselves on using choice produce of local meats and cheeses as well as offering wine and beer options. They also offer vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, and nut-free options.

As I was researching their shop, two things stood out to me: Their quality presentation and their affable environment. And when you look at the reviews, it's evident they take both seriously.

Words like, "amazing," "adorable," "wonderful," and "charming" are common amongst reviewers, with many noting how sweet and knowledgeable the staff is.As someone who isn't really familiar with charcuterie, I especially loved reading about how kind their staff is to those who may not have much experience with the concept but are excited to learn.

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Cultured opened its doors in the fall of 2020 by owner Jessica Mattingly, who was interviewed by StyleBlueprint earlier this year and gave a bit more insight into the creation of the shop located in the Butchertown district on Louisville's Main Street. Mattingly, a Kentucky native, wanted a way to showcase her family's cheeses in a unique fashion and bring a specific type of experience to the Louisville area, and did so off the knowledge and skills she gained growing up on her family's farm--Kenny's Farmhouse Cheeses (which is prominently featured in the establishment). Since its inception just a few years ago, Cultured has gained traction as being one of the top charcuterie shops in the area.

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