For the past month or so, since I confessed to the world that I haven’t seen a kids’ movie since the 1900’s, I have been getting pestered to see every kids’ movie in the history of cinema.  I quelled some of the heat I was getting with my review of my all-time favorite kids’ movie, Disney’s A Goofy Movie.  In that review, I promised to release an official list of my five favorite kids’ movies of all-time.  Now, I am fulfilling that promise.


#1 – A Goofy Movie:  This should come as no surprise, since I just wrote a huge review of the film and why I am so attached to it.  To read my review of A Goofy Movie, click here.


#2 – The Lion King: I love this movie, mostly for the killer Elton John soundtrack.  I had the soundtrack on CD as a child and literally played it out to the point that my mom had to buy me another copy.  My mom’s the best!  This spot may be reserved for Wreck it Ralph, pending viewing.


#3 – Toy Story: The story, voice-acting, and playful score are all running on all cylinders!  This movie makes no mistakes in entertaining both kids and grown-ups alike…  And even people somewhere in between, like me.


#4 – Aladdin:  Another Disney movie that I love mostly for the memorable music…  Noticing a trend?  All of those mid-nineties animated Disney films (Beauty and the Beast through Toy Story) were all new when I was still in the target demographic for a kids’ movie, so I feel they’re more catered to me.


#5 – The Sandlot: Honestly, my brain didn’t even classify this movie as a “kids’ movie” until someone called in that morning saying it was their favorite kids’ movie.  But it certainly meets the criteria of a non-Disney kids’ movie.  Of all of the movies on this list, it probably trends a little older and does a better job of speaking to all age groups.


Sorry if your favorite got snubbed, but feel free to post your favorite kids’ movie in the comments section!