OK, later than usual, but still before the live results show starts, so it still counts!

This is going to be a really hard week to analyze.  The top 12 are still a mishmash of mediocrity.  Additionally, it's a battle royale as far as who can go home tonight!  My understanding is that TWO people, regardless of team, are heading home tonight.  Here's what I'm going to do first, I'm going to rule out the STRONGEST competitors on the show.




Those three I feel are the three safest right now, we'll see them in the finals.  Then there's everybody else in the middle, ANY of whom wouldn't surprise me if they get eliminated, but here's who I have is being AT RISK, BUT SHOULD PROBABLY STICK AROUND:

VEDO - His performance of Michael Jackson's "Rock With You," while I loved it, would probably rank as "middle of the road" to most viewers.

GARRETT - I REALLY enjoyed his rock approach to the poppiest of pop songs, Backstreet Boys' "I Want it That Way," although I worry most people did not.

SARAH: I wasn't familiar with her song "The Story," but found it to be not bad...  America may find her to be forgettable, like I did.

THE SWON BROTHERS - I ACTUALLY liked their country song "Who's Gonna Fill Their Shoes" by George Jones (the original almost made me toss my cookies this morning on the air).  I think their cross to bear is that I don't think the viewers want a duo to win.  They're super-good though,

JOSIAH - He's male model and he can sing.  He did a nice job with the Script's "The Man That Can't Be Moved."  But most importantly...  He's a male model.

MICHELLE - Her performance of Robyn's "Call Your Girlfriend" was very out-there.  It was COOL, and pretty GOOD...  But it was bizarre.  I hope America got it.  I think she has a strong loyal fan base though and think she'll stick around.

KRIS - Kris still seemed nervous to me, and his performance of Jackson 5's "I'll Be There" had no "magic moments"...  Although to be fair there weren't too many of those from anybody last night.  I worry people will forget about come voting time.  I consider him very much at-risk.


So then who's left?

HOLLY - Even for a country song, what she did with Martina McBride's "A Broken Wing" sounded REALLY bad to me.  Even if you're into country music, I'd imagine this would have left you unsatisfied.

AMBER - I feel like the audience may have been drained, like I was, when the second hour wrapped.  Plus her performance of "I'm Gonna Love You Through it," also by Martina McBride, wasn't too spectacular.


I'm sure I'm off here.  I can't imagine BOTH girls that covered Martina McBride songs will be leaving tonight, but these are my predictions.  Especially "unconfident" this week!