Well, "The Rob's 'Fake' Heart Attack" is probably a little more accurate...


Happy Saturday, everybody!  Here on KISS-FM, we kick off our weekend with The Worst Of The Rob, in which we'll replay some of the best (and WORST) segments from the history of The Rob's Radio Show.  This takes place from 8-noon every Saturday.  Here's a quick glance as well as a preview for what is coming up on this morning's broadcast:


  • The Rob's BMOTD (Bowel Movement Of The Day)
  • The year 2014, according to Facebook
  • The Naked Bacon Armor Guard
  • Unknown facts about 2014's biggest pop songs
  • The fake Victoria's Secret agent
  • Magician Don Baggett
  • It Came From Evansville Watch
  • THIS segment in which The Rob fakes a heart attack!

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