I'm sure you've probably heard us talking about or heard commercials for the Job Fair that takes place January 28th at the Holiday Inn on Highway 41.  This got me thinking about my first job.

Photo: Nancy Hilger
Photo: Nancy Hilger

I've mentioned on the air numerous times that my first job, outside of my mom and dad's hearing aid business, was flippin' the burgers at a McDonald's in Hatboro, Pennsylvania.  Sadly, my mother released unearthed a photograph of a fat-faced fifteen-year old The Rob excited for his first day at a real job.  So here you go, ladies...  Soak it in.  Here I am on my first day as a working man.


On a side note, there were some cool aspects of working in fast food.  I became extremely creative when it came to concocting new recipes with some regular menu item ingredients.  If you happen to work at a McDonalds, try some of these for yourself.


#1 - THE CHEEKY MCNUGGET: This was my FAVORITE thing to eat BAR NONE at closing time when food was about to get tossed.  And it was SIMPLE to make, check this out:  Take a simple Chicken McNugget, wrap it in a piece of cheese, and color with a pickle garnish.  Those three simple ingredients come together in blissful harmony in your mouth.


#2 - THE BIG MCBAGEL: Also known as "The BM."  I used to take a bagel for their bagel sandwiches, toast it, and dress it with sauce for the McDonalds Big Xtra (MBX) sauce.  Now, that sandwich and sauce no longer exist at that restaurant sadly, however I imagine replacing it with Big Mac sauce would likely get the job done!


#3 - THE GRILLED MCCHEESE: As simple as it sounds.  Wait for a slow period of time, take your favorite burger bun, three pieces of cheese, and grill it to a light-crisp.  Go into the break room (don't get caught), and enjoy quietly alone in a corner!


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