It's kind of hard to believe, but last night "American Idol" presented their (so-called) very last performance show ever!  And tonight is supposedly the very last episode of the American television institution that is "American Idol!"  Here is what I thought about last night's performances:


TRENT - FALLING: While Trent's performance of the previously-unheard single "Falling" was alright, I thought the song itself was the worst of the three.


DALTON - STRIKE A MATCH: Dalton is a guy I began to like less and less as the competition went on.  You can go back in time and look at my predictions regarding who would be going home and when and I have a track record of being pretty right on the money.  There was no surprise to me or probably really anybody when Dalton was sent home last night.  His single "Strike a Match," ironically, was my favorite of the three from the Singles Round...  But he continued to demonstrate that he did not have the chops to hang with Trent and La'Porsha.  Also, while I know it's the "classy" thing to do, I hate the insincere fake-enhanced happiness he had for Trent when they told Trent he was going through to the finals.  Ugh.  It's one of the many reasons I could never be on a show like "American Idol."


LA'PORSHA - BATTLES: I found La'Porsha's single "Battles" to be better than Trent's "Falling" but not as good as Dalton's "Strike a Match."  However, I liked her performance of it the best of the three.


TRENT - IF YOU DON'T KNOW ME BY NOW: This was a bit better than his single "Falling," but something with Trent still doesn't click with me.  And those faces he makes, tho...


LA'PORSHA - A HOUSE IS NOT A HOME: No big surprises here, La'Porsha is great.  She has always been my favorite.  I feel like if she doesn't win tomorrow, something is wrong.


TRENT - CHANDELIER: OK, even I can admit that was phenomenal.  He went out like a lion heading into the finals tomorrow night.  This was probably the performance of the night!


LA'PORSHA - DIAMONDS: While La'Porsha may have "won" the Singles Round and the Simon Fuller Round, I don't think she won the third and final Contestant's Choice Round.  However, I said at the beginning of the live shows that La'Porsha was my favorite and that La'Porsha was going to win.  As we head into the finals, I'm going to stick with my guns and maintain that opinion.  HOWEVER, this one seems SO split!  I have no idea who will take home the title of final "American Idol" tomorrow night during the finale, but I will say I continue to not appreciate Trent as well as love La'Porsha!

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