I'm serious, the penny should be obsolete!

I just went on a small tirade on the air about certain things in our culture that bother me.  One of the biggest problems I have with society is that the penny still exists.  In today's day and age, a penny is so valueless.  You can't buy anything for "just a penny," everything can be rounded up to 5-cents (or probably honestly 10-cents).  It takes FIVE pennies to make JUST ONE nickel...  It takes FOUR quarters to make a dollar, I'll never understand that.  It costs almost TWO cents to make ONE penny.  Additionally, it's like the government KNOWS the penny is crap...  It's the only coin the same color as it!  If I drop a penny, I don't even THINK about stopping to pick it up, and they're surely all covered in the grossest germs imaginable.  When people get pennies as change they often times don't even ACCEPT, opting to WALK AWAY than waste their time with the garbage the cashier is trying to hand them, noting "keep the change."  "Keep the change"?!  "Keep MY money"?!  No.  "Keep the garbage" is what people should be saying!