So, while it doesn't come up very much on the air, I've never been shy about my lifelong affliction of colorblindness.  For my entire life, I've seen colors differently than most of you "normies."  I've become aware of recent technical advancements that have made it possible for special glasses that allow some colorblind people to see in full vivid color.  And you can tell from their emotional reactions that their experience is intense.

Recently we became aware of an eye doctor in Boonville, Dr. David Hyndman, OD, who had some of these special glasses.  He got some coverage on a local news telecast after he helped a grandfather and his grandson see in color for the first time.  We reached out to Dr. Hyndman, who is awesome by the way and is located at 1001 Millis Ave. in Boonville, and he got us right in to try a pair of these glasses on!  The results are in the video below!


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