Yesterday (March 12th, 2017) PhoneTodd hosted an incredible fundraiser for It Takes a Village Canine Rescue!  The event all got started because of a Facebook post Todd put up about a dog riding a motorcycle that went viral.  Todd was looking for the local motorcyclist/dog owner so he could give him a gift card to his store.  The dog owner said that instead of giving him the gift card, make a donation to It Takes a Village Canine Rescue.  Todd did that and took it even further, hosting a fundraiser for ITV at his Green River Road location!


Check out the highlights of my experience at the fundraiser, including a trip hundreds (well, at least dozens) of feet into the air in the bucket of a fire truck!


By the way, the cute dog at the beginning of the video is Finnegan, the motorcycle ridin' son-of-a-gun himself who was featured in the original Facebook post!


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