Last week on "The Rob's Radio Show With Maddie West," we spent almost an entire morning discussing who in the Tr-State makes the best Philadelphia cheese-steaks.  As someone who is from Philadelphia, I take my cheese-steaks extremely seriously.  To be honest, I'm appalled at some of the sandwiches I've eaten around here that claim to be "Phillies."  Look, I have no I have NO problem if your restaurant wants to make a disgusting cheese-steak sandwich, that's your decision...  BUT leave Philadelphia out of it!  That's an Evansville Cheese-steak.


Young Maddie revealed that she has, somehow in all of her 24 years, NEVER eaten a cheese-steak...  EVER!  Philly or not, she has never known the joy that is steak and cheese between bread!  Considering Philadelphia's HUGE win in Super Bowl 52 last night, I decided the time was right to take this poor girl to get the best cheese-steak I've had outside of Philadelphia...  To Spudz-N-Stuff in Newburgh where Jason has been working tirelessly perfecting his Philly cheese-steak recipe!


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