Surely by now you've seen the "What the Fluff" Challenge that has become the latest online fad!  If you don't know, in a nutshell, you use a sheet in a doorway and trick your dog into thinking that you've disappeared.  If you don't understand, you'll get it by the time you watch one of the videos!  The Rob and Liberty decided to give this online trend an attempt before this fad goes away into the bowels of internet forgotten memes or wherever all the Ice Bucket Challenges Harlem Shake videos go to.


First up is Liberty!  She admits hers didn't go so well.  She blames her boxer Harlie's lack of enthusiasm:


The Rob is up next.  He and his fiance, Brittany, have two dogs.  The little white Maltese is Leila, who just got her summer cut and is usually much fluffier.  The bigger tan-colored Huskey/Jack Russell mix is Roxie.  Let's see how concerned they are when dear old Dad disappears:


What's more troubling for The Rob is that while his pups didn't seem to care when Dad fell off the face of the Earth, they reacted much more concerned when their MOTHER disappeared into thin air:

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