Who knew we were all so, so wrong about Taylor Swift's cryptic lyrics this entire time. You know how everyone's always climbing all over themselves to figure out which Taylor songs are about which exes? Well, according to the video posted above, her super heartfelt, emotional, sometimes sad but always poignant songs are actually about... sandwiches?

The parody video by Mashable took its inspiration from Taylor's recent partnerships with Diet Coke and Subway. The creators came to realize just how many words throughout Taylor's songs rhyme with 'Subway,' and they totally ran with it. The result makes for a hilarious, light-hearted spoof on some of Taylor's most popular singles -- from 'Love Story' ("the spicy hot chicken was covered in sauce / and I had to add ranch just to cool it off / It was almost too much / I was beggin' for H2O") to 'Begin Again' ("Don't have to tell you that I don't want swiss / You don't know how nice that is / But I do, I do"). They even included her latest single 'Shake It Off' ("The peppers make me cry cry cry cry cry / And you look like you're a nice guy guy guy guy guy / So can you take 'em off / Take 'em off").

Between the lyrics and the random closeup images of Taylor holding Subway sandwiches, this video totally made our day. We'll be sure to keep a look out for a track called 'Eat Fresh' on her upcoming album. Just in case.

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