Movies From 1998
This weekend, Jack the Giant Slayer made giant news for being a, well…  “Giant” disappointment.  While racking Warner Bros. up a lofty $200,000,000+ price tag, the film made just north of $28,000,000 in its opening weekend.  The ticket sales were dis…
Was TV Better 20 Years Ago? [POLL]
Was TV Better 20 Years Ago?
My look into the 1990s pop culture continues.  I’m going to stay focused on the year 1993, EXACTLY 20 years ago, and compare it to today’s trends.  It’s not music, movies, or video games this time… …
Cookie VS Cream
One of the most socially active commercials from Sunday's Super Bowl was a polorizing first-quarter ad for Oreo asking people to choose their favorite part of their delicious cookie.  To me the answer is simple.  I'll answer that question and more inside!
How Did Beyonce' Do?
This morning Kat and I have been disagreeing about the quality of the halftime show from the Super Bowl last night featuring Beyonce.  I thought Beyonce did a great job, delivering a show that was both visually and audibly stimulating.  Kat didn't think very highly of it, complan…
Who Will Win?
The biggest even in sports and television every year is coming up this Sunday!  The Baltimore Ravens will be taking on the San Francisco 49ers in the Super Bowl!  My Facebook seems to be split pretty evenly.  But I want to hear from KISS-FM listeners specifically...
Beyonce VS Destiny's Child?
Last week on the show, we were talking about what to expect from this Sunday's Halftime Show.  Beyonce will be the halftime performer, and it's all but confirmed that she will reunite with the ladies of Destiny's Child in her set.
Despite my admitted love of all things 90s, …
Were Video Games Better 20 Years Ago? [POLL]
Over the past few weeks I have been taking different aspects of popular culture and comparing it to the way things were two decades ago.  Today, we'll be looking at my favorite entertainment medium, video games!

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