One of the most socially active commercials from Sunday's Super Bowl was a polorizing first-quarter ad for Oreo asking people to choose their favorite part of their delicious cookie.  To me the answer is simple.  I'll answer that question and more inside!


Cookie VS. Cream – Cream.  Duh, this one’s easy!


Coke VS. Pepsi – I’m firmly in the corner of Team Pepsi.


Diet Coke VS. Diet Pepsi – Again, I am VERY firmly in the corner of Team Pepsi…  Expecially when the opponent tastes like battery acid.


Toilet Paper: Over VS. Under – This one is easy because I feel like there is a legitimate RIGHT and WRONG answer.  Under the roll is wrong, over the roll is correct!


Twilight VS. Hunger Games – Neither are that great to me, but I can tolerate Twilight.


Super Nintendo VS Sega Genesis – Team Nintendo…  Always!


X-Box 360 VS. PlayStation 3 – I promise you 100% PlayStation is better.


Cats VS. Dogs – Dogs are the better pet.  Cats make for better YouTube videos, but I’m a dog guy.


Star Wars VS. Star Trek – I’ve never seen a single movie or episode of either…  Nor do I plan on it.


McDonald’s VS. Burger King – Burger King, I guess.


Checkers VS. Chess – Let’s play a video game!


Apples VS. Oranges – It’s close, but I guess apples.


Day VS. Night – Night is WAY more fun!


Sunrise VS. Sunset – The sunset is far prettier.


X-Men VS. Avengers – X-Men are my all-time favorite superheroes!


Superman VS. Batman – Oh my god, Batman by far!


Summer  VS. Winter – Despite Christmas being at the heart of winter, I prefer the beauty and warmth of summer.


Michael Jackson VS. Prince – Be real.  Michael’s the king.