‘Deadpool’ Will Mouth Off on Blu-ray and DVD in May
Following its record-breaking and pleasantly surprising run at the box office, Deadpool is getting ready to invade your home on DVD and Blu-ray this May. We won’t get an unrated director’s cut of the Merc With a Mouth’s solo outing, and although bonus feature details are not yet available, you can go ahead and pre-order your very own copy of the anti-superhero’s hit film right now. As in, right this moment. You go do that. I’ll wait here.
‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ DVD Special Features Revealed
Whether you’re buying a hard copy of Star Wars: The Force Awakens on DVD or Blu-ray, or instead opting for a digital copy via iTunes, you want to know what else you’re getting for your hard-earned money. Yes, you get a copy of the movie, but about the special features? While Lucasfilm has yet to officially confirm what will be included on the DVD or Blu-ray copies, a Swedish retailer has posted the full set of extras on their pre-order site, giving us a glimpse of what to expect.
Paramount Announces ‘Interstellar’ Blu-ray Special Features and Release Date
It feels like several years have passed since Christopher Nolan released ‘Interstellar,’ but that’s just because I’m still stuck on that tidal-wave planet where time dilates and stuff. In reality, it’s only been a couple months since Nolan’s latest epic sci-fi film, which opened to positive reviews and, despite its heady subject matter, went on to earn more than $660 million worldwide. Love it or hate it, you have to at least respect the fact that Nolan’s still making huge blockbusters based on original ideas and deeply personal subject matter—as opposed to board games or toys or something.
Free Electronics Recycling Week in Evansville Begins November 18th
Have an old computer fried by a virus years ago sitting in the basement collecting dust? Maybe there's an old TV in the garage that won't work anymore because it's not compatible with the "digital switch" enacted a few years back? Whatever the case, here's you're chance to recycle those old technological relics of days gone by.
No Tyson Tattoo for Ed Helms?
Warner Bros. has announced that they will digitally alter Ed Helms tattoo from The Hangover II. Tattoo artist S. Victor Whitmill, who gave Mike Tyson the Maori-style tattoo, sued the company for copyright infringement before the movie was released...
Win Life As We Know It on DVD
Their first date should have been their last. But sometimes fate has other plans. Own Life As We Know It starring Katherine Heigl and Josh Duhamel now on Blu-ray Combo Pack, DVD and rent it with Movies On Demand. OR...Click here for your chance to win a copy for free...