For all the One Direction fans that are dying to listen to Zayn Malik belt out his high note in ‘You & I’ over and over, you’ll want to place a preorder for their latest project, a DVD of the Where We Are Tour.

Contrary to what previous reports claimed, there will be no documentary follow-up to 'This Is Us.' But don’t worry; the boys aren’t leaving us hanging. Instead they’ll be filming the entirety of their Milan concert at the San Siro stadium, their website reports.

The band’s team will work its magic capturing all of the best, funniest and wildest moments from the June concert to edit and create a DVD set for a December release. (Even though it’s only May, we’ve already got the first item on our Christmas list!) The DVD will include not only the Milan concert, but it will also come with bonus features like backstage footage and an exclusive hello message from the 1D lads.

Despite all of the astounding success that doesn’t seem like it’ll be ending for this boy band any time soon, it was recently revealed that member Liam Payne still needs pick-up lines to swoon the ladies. According to Sugarscape, bandmate Harry Styles shared with Very Magazine that Liam is not only a pro at singing, but a pro at cheesy lines, too.

“I once went out with Liam and he has some funny chat-up lines,” Harry explained. “He went up to a girl and said, ‘Do you have a plaster because I hurt my knee when I fell for you?!’” (For any Americans that might need a translation — the Brits call Band-Aids ‘plasters.’)

As far as Harry’s own love life is concerned, there’s no word on his own use of one-liners, but he did shed a bit of light on the topic. “I’d say more than 90 percent of the people I get linked with are my friends. At the moment, it appears that I have 7,000 girlfriends. It’s ridiculous.”

Well, while Harry and Liam are figuring out their romantic ventures, you can preorder the Where We Are DVD starting this Friday, May 23.

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