With all the negativity in the world involving politics, religion, civil liberties, etc., sometimes a simple gesture like the one my family and I stumbled on inside a Redbox DVD we rented over the weekend provides a reassuring reminder that kind-hearted people are alive and well in this often times ugly world.

As the story goes, my wife and kids stopped by a Redbox dispenser near our home last Friday to grab a couple of movies (Daddy's Home and Steve Jobs, in case you care), when our daughter noticed something odd tucked in with the Daddy's Home DVD. Inside was three - one dollar bills and this note:

(Ryan O'Bryan)
(Ryan O'Bryan)

The note read:

Enjoy a snack with your movie...*pay it forward! Have a good day!

No signature, just a simple gesture by an anonymous stranger with the hope that we would continue the goodwill chain that gave us "all the feels".

So what did we do? Well, truth be told, nothing — yet. The three dollars is still sitting on our kitchen counter. We'll figure something out. Whether it's a simple repeat of the gesture we were extended, or something else. Whatever it is, my intention is to do it anonymously like this individual did.

To whoever this good-hearted stranger is, I wanted to say, "thank you". Not for the three dollars, but for reminding me that despite the fact it appears the world is on the brink of Armageddon, there are still people out there offering a ray of hope that everything will be OK.

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