This fun-loving pooch is waiting for someone to take a chance on him. Stanley is a 1-year-old male pit bull, full of spunk, and just needs his fur-ever home. It's URGENT that he does.

Daviess County Animal Shelter
Daviess County Animal Shelter

I talked with the Daviess County Animal Shelter and asked if there were any dogs that needed some attention, and without hesitation they said Stanley. The team at the shelter love this pup, and they don't understand why he hasn't found his fur-ever family yet. Can you help?

Here's what the shelter shared about Stanley:

"STANLEY is a 1-year-old male pit bull. Stanley is the ultimate non-stop wiggling, ants-in-my-pants, and KING of blurry photos dog. He is SO much fun and very funny! He loves to land next to you and get back stretches when his zoomies are briefly paused. He has a very sweet demeanor and has gotten along well with the staff at the shelter. He seems a bit shy at first, but absolutely craves humane affection and attention. This guy is a GEM, but unfortunately the shelter has many black dogs right now who are getting overlooked. Please make sure to give Stanley a share and help him find his forever home ASAP! To meet Stanley, please email the shelter or message this page for an application."

Daviess County Animal Shelter
Owensboro, KY

Let's get Stanley adopted! Doesn't he deserve it? He never asked to be born.

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