The Daviess County Animal Shelter is offering free straw to pet owners while supplies last. The shelter also wants to remind residents not to use blankets or hay. They're offering more tips to keep your pet safe as the temps continue to fall.

Photo by Hossein Ghaem on Unsplash

The shelter wants you to keep your animals warm and safe as the temperatures continue to drop in the region. If you can't bring them inside of your home, into a basement or garage, it's critical your pet is provided with a warm insulated shelter to protect them from the wind and cold. Also, be sure to check that they have clean water, and that it isn't frozen, along with dry bedding. It's important to keep them on a leash or fenced in as well. When there's snow or ice on the ground, it's hard for them to smell their scent to get back home.

"PLEASE bring your pets indoors during this artic weather. For the ones that won't be brought inside, the shelter has straw available for anyone who needs it. Please do not use blankets or hay. They trap moisture and freeze, leaving no warmth for your pet."

Please call or email the shelter to inquire about straw.
Daviess County Animal Shelter
Owensboro Ky

Just remember that when you're cold enough to go inside, your pets probably are too. It's important to provide them with the shelter that they deserve.

Photo by 14 zhao on Unsplash
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