The Martin family from Owensboro and several of their friends have a long-running tradition that has turned into a community mission and here's how it started.

Angel here and I had the opportunity to speak with Jaime Martin on how all the fun.  Here's what she had to say;

About 12 years ago we started doing a “sewing weekend” for mine and my moms birthdays.   Layla, my daughter, has been every year.  Five to Six years ago she started inviting her best friends, Katie Hagan and Ashlie Hayden. They started out just sewing together pieces of scrap fabric and every year they get a little better. Now they all three have their own sewing machines and have made a few quilts on their own. Well, this year because of COVID my mom, Terry Russelburg, and her friends couldn’t come. She’s a long arm quilter and the one that usually gives us a class on making our yearly quilt. We decided a service project would be something fun the girls could do to keep them busy and something that we (me and my BFF Nicole Priest) could show them how to do. And since my mom is a quilter she had tons of scrap batting they could use to stuff the beds. So the girlst made them all on their own, probably 12-15 beds. Nicole and I were making t-shirt quilts so they took the scrap T-shirt material and made 12-15 dog toys too. Last week, I took them to the dog shelter to donate the beds, toys, and a few bags of dog food that Katie and Ashlie’s moms donated. A volunteer there gave us a tour and told us all about it so now the girls want to volunteer at the shelter.


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