Netflix has a new series that is really racing eyebrows. The documentary series, Surviving Death, deals with many topics that surround death and the thinking that there is life after death.  The series explores what happens when we die, when our heart stops beating. Where do we go? Is death final, or does our soul continue to live?

This type of series is right up my alley. I find all of the possibilities and everything about it, even just the thought of it, fascinating. I have shared many spiritual experiences from others, though my articles, over the years. I have even had some unexpected experiences of my own.

But, before I give my review of this vey compelling series, watch the trailer.

I’m only four episodes in and I find in riveting. Of course, I’m very skeptical. But, I can also say, I have an open mind. What if this life insult all that there is? What if our loved ones really do come to us during our time of death and welcome us into a world of no pain and peace? What if the things we have learned at church are really real? Wouldn’t that be wonderful? If we knew more about death, would that make us live more?

The series has some corny moments, especially the ones with some of the mediums. during this few scenes and I found myself starting to fade in interest, something would be shared that literally blew my mind. The episodes on signs from the dead, past lives and near death experiences were incredible. Even though the experiences happened to people I don’t even know, I felt a wonderful sense of peace. I reminded me of my own experiences that I couldn’t explain.

Loss and death happen to all of us. Have an open mind, I suggest to give the series a a solid watch. Even if, after you watch it, you find it ridiculous, at least you heard different perspectives, And who knows, maybe someday, something will happen to you that you can't explain or you will need some sort of closure, and you will remember this documentary series. At that moment, you will realize you are not alone.

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