Doing a morning show on the radio or television is brutal. Take it from me, it takes a toll on your mentally and physically. It's not as glamorous as it may appear when listening or viewing. I can honestly say, it's difficult and I've been doing it for 15 years.

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One thing that sets us apart from everyone else that informs and entertains through tv and radio, is that we are somewhat used to the hours. You really never really, ever get used to the hours, but you learn how to get it done.

Sometimes, you have to not only get up early but go out into the elements to do your job. I have done my job, LIVE, on a remote, in all sorts of weather. From extreme heat, downpours of torrential rain, brutal cold, and even ice and snow.

Those things can make my job more difficult than it usually is, but it's part of what I have to do. I know that when I signed up for this gig.

Weathermen, like radio personalities, have to sometimes be out in the elements to do their job. Whether it's Jim Cantore from the Weather Channel or our very own, beloved, Joe Bird, we see them out in extreme weather situations reporting about what's going on and telling us that it's too dangerous to be out in the very weather they are standing in.

Sportscasters, especially in the winter, are rarely out in the cold weather. They are inside gyms or arenas when they report on winter sports. Why? Because the sports aren't being played outside. The reporters cover the games inside where it's nice and warm.

That is unless their boss tells them that they have to help cover the arctic winter storm that is coming their way.

This Iowa sportscaster is going viral for his honest and hilarious TV morning show, on location, cut-ins. It's not so much about the weather, but how he feels being out in the weather.

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