As Winter Storm Elliott unleashes bone-chilling temperatures and blizzard-like conditions all across the country, there is the risk that some Hoosiers may find themselves without adequate warmth to protect them from the chill.

Winter Storm Elliott

Winter Storm Elliott is bringing with it dangerously low temperatures with windchills reaching double digits below zero. To our east in neighboring Kentucky, Governor Beshear declared a State of Emergency on Wednesday a full day ahead of the storm making its way to the region.

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The Risk is Real

This storm brings with it the very real risk of power outages and loss of heat for residents of Indiana. Temperatures are expected to drop to subzero temperatures in some parts of the state. Pair that with gusting winds and ice that have the potential to take down trees and powerlines, and the risk is very real.

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There Is Help Available

Fortunately, with Winter Storm Elliott, we have had enough advanced warning to allow communities to plan for just such circumstances. In the event that you find yourself without heat, there are warming stations that have been set up all across the state.

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Find a Warming Station

Finding a warming station near you is quite simple and just a phone call away. All you have to do is dial 2-1-1 to be put into contact with a navigator who can assist you in finding the nearest warming station to you. You can also visit to see an interactive map. Just enter your zip code to find the nearest warming station to you.

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