So Didja Hear... The Rob comments on current events.  3/28/11

So didja Hear...

Lady GaGa has redone “Born This Way” to be a country record? Let’s just hope that country music fans never learn what the song is actually about.

Good Morning America paid $2,000 to replace the window Chris Brown broke? I wonder how much it cost to fix Rihanna’s face…  A-hole.

“Friday” singer Rebecca Black is “talking to” many record labels to sign a music deal? To be honest, I don’t hate Rebecca Black.  I respect her more than anybody who wins American Idol.  She started from nothing, made a song (whether you love it or hate it), got people interested in it, and is finding success from it.  That’s the American dream, folks.

Mariah Carey thought she went into labor this weekend, but it was just a false alarm? Phew.  We ducked a bullet there!  The longer we can go without those two reproducing the better.

Justin Bieber may get his own “Punk’d”-style show? It would be awesome if at the end of the show MTV announced Justin Bieber’s career was a giant Punk’d.

Snoop Dogg got a tattoo of Nate Dogg’s face? Nate was the man.  I still miss him.  I’ll try to talk Big Boy into getting one as well.

Lindsey Lohan is dropping her last name, wanting to be known only as “Lindsey?” I consider this good news for anybody named “Lohan,” bad news for anybody named “Lindsey.”

New Line Cinema is making a movie based on the life of a Cincinnati Bengals cheerleader? It makes sense that they would make a movie about the Bengals and not have it focus on football.

GLAAD has been heavily scrutinizing WWE for their anti-gay content and Superstar’s tweets? They clearly know their audience very well.  I was at the WWE’s show here at Robert’s Stadium on Saturday, I couldn’t believe some of the gay slurs that the audience came up with!

Oprah has announced her final episode will air May 25th? I got excited when I read this because I thought at first it said “March 25th.”  When I realized I was mistaken, although I was glad to hear she’s going away, I wish it were two months sooner.

More than half of ALL Americans are on now on facebook? As long as my mom stays off of it, I’m happy.