So Didja Hear...  The Rob comments on current events:


So didja hear...

So didja hear…

…Nate Dogg died?  No jokes for this one, that’s a real bummer.  He had one of the most distinct voices in music.  He’ll be missed.


…One of Charlie Sheen’s porno “Goddesses” tried to kill herself Monday?  No kidding?  I wonder why…


…Sammi Sweatheart from the Jersey Shore had a naked picture leak?  I did hear this.  I also SAW this.  No wonder Ronnie’s trippin’ so much.  It all makes sense now.  (She looks awesome)

…The Situation got booed off the stage at last night’s Donald Trump Roast?  Wait, so you mean he’s NOT very talented after all?  Who would’ve thought?


…After being fired as the voice of Aflac, Gilbert Gottfried is “sorry” for his insensitive comments about Japan?  Yeah, losing money will make you very apologetic.

…In Fort Wayne they want to dedicate a building to a former mayor, but the current mayor won’t have it because the former mayor’s name is Harry Baals?  This is the feelgood story of the year for us Hoosiers.  Other politicians being considered are former Fort Wayne treasurer Mike Oxmal, and from the famed political Bush family, Adolf Oliver Bush.  (If you don’t get those, sound ‘em out.  Get it now?  Good.)