So didja hear…


…Usher supposedly made a dirty movie with his ex-wife?  OMG, I must see this.  This sounds better than “Yeah!”


…Two teenagers broke into Justin Bieber’s house and slept in his bed?  And people wonder why I think Justin Bieber fans are crazy…  Good luck with life there, Goldilocks.


…Snooki’s wrestling at this year’s WrestleMania?  Ugh.  I like Jersey Shore AND wrestling, but I do not want to see this.

  (Don’t tell anybody about the wrestling part.)


…Comedian Gilbert Gottfried was fired as the (duck) voice of Aflac for making insensitive tweets about Japan?  Gilbert has been one of the filthiest comedians on the planet for decades, and has ALWAYS made naughty jokes about minorities for longer than I’ve been alive.  Firing him for making “insensitive jokes” would be like me firing Big Boy for being fat…  You knew what you were getting when you hired him.

…A principal at a school in Montana is tired of graffiti, so he’s removed the doors of the bathroom stalls until it stops?  I can understand doing this in the women’s room, but the men’s room is just wrong.  Nothing pleasant goes on behind those men’s room stall doors.

Actually, on second thought, I used to live in Montana.  There should definitely be doors on ALL of the stalls.