A health and wellness expert posted a list recently explaining why you should be drinking, of all things, pickle juice.

I'll be the first to admit that I am in the minority of people who think pickles are disgusting. That being said, I understand how popular this food is. Whether it's sliced pickles on a burger, a giant pickle on a stick, deep fried pickles, or just simply eating them out of the jar, we all know a person or two who is obsessed with pickles. However, how many of those people actually drink the pickle juice. To some, it might sound weird to do, but if you like the taste of pickles, and drink the juice too, you are actually doing something good for your body.

Six Reasons To Drink Pickle Juice

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Aside from drinking pickle juice for the flavor, you can also drink it because it has several health benefits. Of course, it is all dependent upon the type of pickles you choose. Taste of Home says that you will want to choose a brand of pickles that is free of artificial dyes and preservatives. Now, you might be wondering what kind of health benefits drinking pickle juice can have on your body. According to Taste of Home, there are six health benefits of drinking pickle juice that you might not have known about.

1. Good Source of Probiotics

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Get you some pickles that are naturally fermented and made without vinegar. Pickle juice like that is very rich in probiotics. The probiotics in the pickle juice will help with digestion, metabolism, immune response, and even help with your mood.

2. It's Good After a Workout

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Drinking pickle juice will help you recover faster after a workout. According to Taste of Home:

Pickle juice is rich in electrolytes, which can help to restore the fluid balance in the body after sweating from a workout. Pickle juice can restore levels of sodium, potassium, and magnesium in the body.

3. Pickle Juice Can Help Regulate Blood Sugar

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If you're a diabetic, drinking pickle juice would be extra beneficial to you. The vinegar found in pickle juice has been known to help prevent spikes in your blood sugar. This will help with regulating your blood sugar and insulin levels.

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4. Muscle Cramp Relief

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Taste of Home says:

Drinking pickle juice may relieve muscle cramps. This could be helpful for individuals who feel sore from working out. A <a href="https://journals.lww.com/acsm-msse/Fulltext/2010/05000/Reflex_Inhibition_of_Electrically_Induced_Muscle.15.aspx" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer nofollow">2010 study</a> found that when dehydrated men drank 1/3 cup of pickle juice, they experienced faster relief from muscle cramps. Scientists believe the vinegar in pickle juice is responsible for rapid pain relief.

5. Pickle Juice Could Help With Weight Loss

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The vinegar in pickle juice seems to be the common thread here. In a 2009 study, people lost more weight when they drank a little bit of pickle juice every day. That's attributed to the vinegar. Heck, maybe you should just drink straight vinegar!

6. Hangover Cure

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If you went a little hard on the liquor the night before, try drinking some pickle juice. As you know, when you drink a lot of alcohol, you become dehydrated. The electrolytes in pickle juice will help to rehydrate your body. So, a few shots of pickle juice will help ease the hangover and help you recover faster.

(H/T- Taste of Home)

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