A report is circling that Quincy Senior High School is looking to get rid of the recognition of a Valedictorian and a Salutatorian, and so we have to ask should they?

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According to our friends over at the Herald-Whig, Quincy Senior High School is looking at the possibility of eliminating the titles of Valedictorian and Salutatorian. In an article posted by the Herald-Whig, they share quotes from the Quincy Senior High School principal Jody Steinke talking about why they are looking at eliminating the titles, the quote I found the most fascinating from the article is when principal Steinke said...

"It’s really not necessarily the best two students that win valedictorian and salutatorian. It’s the two students who play this game the best.”

That speaks volumes to me if that is in fact a true statement if there is a way to "play the game" in order to win it does seem as though it is way less meaningful. I personally was nowhere close to winning valedictorian at my school and I always thought it just went to the one person who was the smartest with the best grades, I never knew it was about "playing the game" not that I would have been smart enough to play and win that game regardless.

The other quote from the Whig article that stuck with me is this one...

"Steinke and QHS staff started the conversation again this year, pointing out that valedictorian and salutatorian recognition, which isn’t determined until the last week of school, has no impact on college admission or scholarships. Ten years ago, 50% of high schools no longer reported class rank, and most Western Big Six schools either don’t recognize a valedictorian and salutatorian or are exploring that option."

This is definitely an important part of the decision-making because I assumed that these titles really mattered but if they don't then you aren't negatively affecting certain students. I think this is an interesting discussion on the one hand if you work really hard and try to take all the right classes to get the highest grades and have the best GPA then why not get recognized with honor, but if it is no longer has an impact on college applications and it's not about just working hard but playing a game to try to win then why honor that? So should the school get rid of the Valedictorian title?

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